Vacuum Furnaces

Brazing, sintering or annealing of metals require an atmosphere free of oxygen. Therefore such processes are carried out under vacuum, partially using inert gas.


The vacuum level must be monitored and kept constantly low during the process in order to avoid oxidation of the products. Our client had to measure the pressure in his high vacuum tube furnace near the gas inlet as well as at the vacuum port with high accuracy.


Two VSH transducers have the required wide measuring range and detect the pressure at the furnaces gas inlet and vacuum port with excellent precision. They are linked to the system PLC by their serial RS485 interfaces, so that both pressure levels can be directly visualized in a diagram. This allows to easily monitoring the pressure gradient inside the furnace tube.

Main points in brief

  • wide range sensor Pirani / Bayard Alpert
  • hot cathode sensor is automatically controlled by the Pirani
  • excellent accuracy and repeatability