VD8 Digital Compact Vacuum Meter

VD8 compact vacuum meters with integrated data logger record your process values. Advanced electronics guarantee precise and reproducible measuring results.

Compact Vacuum Meter with Data Logger 1600 to 5e-4 mbar

Smartline Digital Vacuum Transducers

The digital transducers of our Smartline Series are characterized by their particularly efficient micro controllers. With their modern combination sensors these transducers are able to enter different pressure areas such as fine and high vacuum with high precision.

Digital Vacuum Transducers 1200 to 5e-10 mbar

Analogline Vacuum Transducers

Individually temperature compensated and equipped with their microprocessor control, the transducers reach an outstanding accuracy and a high stability of measurements.

Analog Vacuum Transducers 1400 to 1e-4 mbar

Drop-In Replacement

Thyracont´ s drop in solutions provide for prompt and easy replacement of vacuum gauges in your application. With the respective output characteristic and the proper electrical connection even cables can remain unchanged.

Thyracont´ s alternative for competitor vacuum gauges

Vacuum Switches

The product series Vacuum Switches offers the VRC (Piezo) with a chemically resistant ceramic sensor as well as the VRP (Pirani) with a durable Pirani filament. Both switches feature high reliability and excellent reproducibility.

1200 to 1e-3 mbar

Vacuum Components

We offer a wide range of vacuum components to enable the immediate use of our products for our customers. Special centering rings with integrated wire filter or baffles as well as spiral tubes protect your sensor against contamination.

Adapters, Protective Covers, Components

Software and Accessories

The VacuGraph software for Windows is the optimum tool to analyze, visualyze and save your measurement data. Further practical accessories for our different product families ensures the optimum use of our vacuum gauges.

Practical sets, connectors and more

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With more than 20 years of experience in the field of vacuum technologies PROVAC was founded in 2016. PROVAC SOLUTIONS (OPC) PRIVATE LIMITED is a leading provider of high quality, reliable, cost effective vacuum measurement solutions in India. The company gives highest priority to quality and reliability when it comes to choice of the products.

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