Maintenance of Vacuum Pumps

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It is with our passion for precision that we support our customers with their vacuum applications. Vacuum allows a great variety of manufacturing processes. The same large field of applications is served by our vacuum products. Included applications are for example process industry, coating, analytics and R & D as well as semiconductor and solar.


  • Wide measuring range
  • Internal data logger
  • USB interface

Maintenance of Vacuum Pumps

Systematic maintenance and servicing of vacuum pumps helps to prevent breakdowns in production and improves the availability of the system.


For diagnosis of the pump as well as for executing maintenance work the achieved minimum pressure and the pump-down characteristic have to be recorded. These factors provide essential information about the actual condition and performance of the pump.


A VD85 with wide range combination sensor is capable of capturing the minimum pressure of many pump types like diaphragm, scroll or rotary vane pumps. In addition the instrument can measure and –on demand- record the complete pump-down cycle from atmospheric to end pressure. In this case the vacuum meter is used as data logger which stores the measurements in the internal data memory. Via USB interface those data can then be transmitted to a PC for further analysis and documentation.


One of the leading high-end vacuum technology companies relies on our vacuum metrology in various application areas.