Analog Vacuum Transducers 1400 to 1e-4 mbar

Individually temperature compensated and equipped with their microprocessor control, the transducers reach an outstanding accuracy and a high stability of measurements.


  • Readjustment at the push of a button
  • 4-20 mA or 0-10 V output
  • 1 channel and 2 channel controllers
  • Compact dimensions
  • Individual temperature compensation


Compact and economical

Analogline transducers are ideally suited for applications where space is at a premium. At the same time the compact transducers offer an optimum price-performance ratio.

Standard output signal

The linear respectively logarithmic output signal of the transducers (4-20 mA or 0-10 V) can easily be read out by a plant control system (PLC). Controllers with 1 or 2 channels are available as well.

Passive vacuum sensors

The Pirani with durable, elasctic helix filament is also available as a passive vacuum sensor. The customer can choose between the connection via DN16 ISO-KF flange (VSP841) or 1/8" NPT male thread. On demand, we will gladly provide you with a proposal regarding the evaluation circuit.

Simple and smart readjustment

Thyracont has made readjustment at atmospheric pressure and zero pressure both simple and amazingly smart. It's simple because it involves only the push of a button. It's smart because the transducer recognizes automatically which adjustment point is relevant.

Robust and reliable

Analogline transducers persist in rough industrial environments. In addition to their robust metal housing, Analogline transducers are fitted with electrical connectors that offer IP54 protection class for 4-20 mA models or IP40 protection class on 0-10 VDC models. A service for extra high overpressure stability of 16 bar abs. including a testing certificate 3.1 is available for our Piranis.