Carbonated beverages

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It is with our passion for precision that we support our customers with their vacuum applications. Vacuum allows a great variety of manufacturing processes. The same large field of applications is served by our vacuum products. Included applications are for example process industry, coating, analytics and R & D as well as semiconductor and solar.


  • Small dimensions
  • Elastic helix filament
  • Rugged metal housing

Carbonated beverages

Carbon dioxide gas is used for the industrial production of carbonated beverages. This extends shelf life and the beverage tastes fresh and sparkling.


Because the gas gets in contact with many different substances during its fabrication, the end product can still be flawed with rests of contamination. To assure proper quality of the carbonated beverage production it is essential to monitor the pureness of the carbon dioxide by means of a spectrometer alignment. Since detection limits for gas components like carbon monoxide, methane or hydrogen sulphide usually are in the range of less than 0.01 ppm the spectrometers must operate with high accuracy and reliability.


Periodic offset adjustment under fine vacuum conditions guarantees that even slightest hints of contamination can be detected. The precise VSP63MV Pirani vacuum transducer controls whether the required vacuum level for zero adjustment is achieved. With its elastic helix filament and the rugged metal housing the transducer is especially durable.