Drop-In Replacement

Thyracont´ s alternative for competitor vacuum gauges

Thyracont´ s drop in solutions provide for prompt and easy replacement of vacuum gauges in your application. With the respective output characteristic and the proper electrical connection even cables can remain unchanged.


  • Vacuum Gauges Made in Germany - directly from the manufacturer
  • Quick and easy replacement of installed vacuum gauges
  • Expertise and responsiveness
  • Prompt deliveries
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Analog vacuum gauges

Our Analogline™ offers a drop in replacement for Pirani vacuum transducers (1000 - 1 x 10-⁴ mbar / 750 - 1 x 10-⁴ Torr). Both, the analog output characteristic and the electrical connector of the SP363MV match that of competitor products. The SP363MV also contains Thyracont´ s patented advanced technology.

Digital vacuum gauges with 0-10 V output

Smartline™ vacuum transducers (with a range of 1200 - 5 x 10-¹⁰ mbar / 750 - 5 x 10-¹⁰ Torr)

+ modify the analog output of any Smartline instrument through the use of our free VacuGraph™ Lite software or as a free service by Thyracont

+ one of our cable adapters may be necessary in order to use your existing cables

= Physically and functionally smooth replacement

VacuGraph™ Software

Our free VacuGraph™ Lite software includes more than 90 analog output characteristics, to match that of most every competitor gauge. VacuGraph™ Lite also allows the user to quickly and easily configure many of their Smartline™ vacuum gauge operating parameters.