Digital Vacuum Transducers 1200 to 5e-10 mbar

The digital transducers of our Smartline Series are characterized by their particularly efficient micro controllers. With their modern combination sensors these transducers are able to enter different pressure areas such as fine and high vacuum with high precision.


  • RS485 interface with 0-10 V, EtherCAT or Profinet
  • Two independent relay switch points
  • LEDs for status and switch points
  • Push-Button for readjustment and degas
  • Optional LCD display
  • Controller with 2 or 4 channels


Digital interfaces

All Smartline transducers have a RS485 interface and and either an additional 0-10 V output, EtherCat, Profinet interface.

Durable sensors

The Pirani with increased measuring range in the Thyracont sensor combination gauges controls the ionization sensors in such a way that they are only switched on at a very low pressure. This conserves the sensor technology and allows a long lifetime of the gauges. Alternatively, switch and transition ranges between the vacuum sensors are individually configurable.

Robust and reliable

The Pirani and cold cathode transducers are also available with a particularly high over pressure stability of 16 bar. As a service for the higher overpressure stability, we offer a corresponding inspection certificate 3.1 inclusive of a test report.

Useful replacement sensors

Thanks to a plug-and-play solution with calibrated exchange sensors, a quick and easy replacement of defective sensor heads can be made simply by the user. Time and cost for maintenance are thus reduced to a minimum.

Compatibility to competitor products

For the facile replacement of present transducers, the analogue output signal is adapted to the required characteristic of the competitor product. Corresponding mating plugs provide the physical compatibility of the Smartline transducers. The switching from a different gauge is thus fast and easy for the user.

VacuGraph™ and VacuSniff™

The VacuGraph vacuum software for Windows is the optimum tool to analyze, visualyze and save your measurement data. For a comfortable gauge configuaration there is even a free lite version of the software available. In combination with the Bluetooth adapter (SLKBT) the VacuGraph software can even be used on mobile devices (Android). Furthermore, a free sniffer app, VacuSniff, can be found in the Playstore. VacuSniff allows for the mobile monitoring of up to 16 Smartline vacuum transducers at the same time. The app also features an alarm function.