Vacuum Switches

1200 to 1e-3 mbar

The product series Vacuum Switches offers the VRC (Piezo) with a chemically resistant ceramic sensor as well as the VRP (Pirani) with a durable Pirani filament. Both switches feature high reliability and excellent reproducibility.


  • Potential-free relay switch point (switch-over relay)
  • Robust metal housing with IP54 protection class
  • Vacuum compatible connection
  • High reliability
  • Excellent reproducibility


Robust sensors

The VRP contains a Pirani filament with extra long and the VRC has a chemically resistant ceramic sensor with FKM sealing. On request, FFKM sealing is available as well.

Switch point setting

After detaching of the top, the switch point is exactly adjustable over the whole range by means of a potentiometer. The individual setting of the switch point is also available as a service (SERVICESP).

High protection class

The metal housing of the robust switches with protection class IP54 makes them resistant against dust and splash water.

Broad fields of application

Be it in the field of process automation, plant construction, the operational control of vacuum pumps and plants, security switching or pressure control in the rough vacuum range, e. g. for vacuum furnaces or control and regulation boards - the reliable vacuum switches are a cost-efficient solution in a vast number of applications.