Light weight construction for racing cars

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It is with our passion for precision that we support our customers with their vacuum applications. Vacuum allows a great variety of manufacturing processes. The same large field of applications is served by our vacuum products. Included applications are for example process industry, coating, analytics and R & D as well as semiconductor and solar.


  • Wide measuring range due to combined piezo/Pirani sensor
  • High precision and optimal resolution over the whole range
  • Pirani sensor with durable, elastic helix filament

Light weight construction for racing cars

Light weight carbon fiber reinforced polymers (CRP) have proved to be suitable for light weight constructions. There are different processes for the manufacturing of CRP components. The Lion Racing Team primarily uses prepreg, single line injection and vacuum infusion.


A new prototype vehicle is to be manufactured for the annual participation in global Formula Student Events, the clear aim of which is to reduce the total vehicle mass. This is why big components such as the Monocoque, steering-wheel, seat as well as aerodynamics for additional road adhesion are manufactured with the above-mentioned methods.

The tight schedule and restricted budget of student racing teams only allow for one try for the majority of the components. To this end the manufacturing process must take place with a fine vacuum around the components.


For the precise measurement of the required vacuum, a digital vacuum meter with a piezo and Pirani combination sensor is used (VD85). It is used to monitor the vacuum values and to detect leaks. As soon as a stable target vacuum is reached, the process of curing is initiated.

Source: Lions Racing Team e.V.


The well-known racing champions and specialists for light weight construction use our vacuum gauges for diverse processes and applications.